The Brophy Rodeo 

Brophy College Preparatory is proud to host the Brophy Rodeo presented by PING, at Grayhawk Golf Club in beautiful Scottsdale AZ. The Rodeo will host Boys and Girls teams from around the country.  With PING as it’s presenting sponsor, the Rodeo will showcase more than 200 high school golfers competing over two days of 36-hole stroke play, 18 holes each day.  The Rodeo will crown one Boys Team Champion and one Girls Team Champion as well as an individual Boys and Girls Champion and award the top 10 individuals for both the Boys and Girls.  

The Rodeo was born from a previous invitational tournament hosted by Hamilton High School, Chandler, AZ.  The Antigua National High School Invitational was held from 2009-2020.  The COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 National tournament as out of state teams were unable to travel, though the event was held as a smaller Arizona Invitational.  In 2021, Brophy became the new host of the tournament and secured PING as an event sponsor.  We are proud and excited to have PING as our title sponsor.

For more information about the Rodeo or to inquire about participating in a future tournament, please contact Brophy’s Head Golf coach Jon Shores at jshores@brophyprep.org.